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FAQ #1 Inappropriate Ads

Our site forbids the posting of:

  1. Firearm ads (recreational air guns are OK)
  2. Pornography
  3. Obscene words
  4. Discriminatory or racist listings
  5. Fraudulent ads or other ads that we deem to have the appearance of impropriety or a possible connection to any criminal enterprise.
  6. Any other listing that we deem inappropriate or in contravention of generally accepted standards of decency.

We have full discretion to remove any ads that we believe violate our standards specified above and in the Membership and Privacy Policy. We may or may not refund any fees paid in connection with ads that are removed pursuant to our rules and policies.

FAQ #2 Where is my print ad???

If you bought a print ad and can't find it online, we can help you. Please provide the following information in a support ticket:

  1. Your Ad ID given to you by the newspaper when you placed the ad.
  2. Either a phone number or an address that appears in the ad to help us locate it in case you do not have an Ad ID.

Rest assured that we will try to find your ad quickly!

FAQ #3 I lost my ad right in the middle of posting! What should I do?

FIRST THING: Dont' panic! resume an ad that you lost in the middle for any reason, just click the "My Account" tab and you will see a page that lists your ads. At the top of the page, there is a "Filter" menu that will allow you to select the types of ads in your account; SELECT "UNFINISHED"

Now, click the "Edit" link on the unfinished ad you wish to resume working on.

FAQ #4 I have a printed ad that appears online. Can I edit it?

If you provided an email address to the newspaper when you originally placed your ad, you should have received an email from us inviting you to administer your ad online. If you did not receive such an email (BUT DID GIVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE CALL CENTER AT THE NEWSPAPER WHEN PLACING YOUR AD) just complete a support ticket and let us know the ad ID (or at least the contents of the ad so we can locate it.

If you did not provide an email to the call center, you should contact the newspaper with which you placed the ad and request a change. The change will be implemented both in print and online.

You may also simply place an online Power Ad for the item you have listed in print. The rules permit the existence of two identical ads provided that one ad is a Power Ad.